Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm NEVER Growing Up

Ok, maybe that should say "I'm NEVER Growing Up AGAIN".

I saw another shaming article recently....ack....OK, I read a topic about a shaming article on a forum I frequent. I can't be bothered to actually read the drivel that femimarxists write, especially the shaming bullshit.

ANYWAY, the person who posted it was nice enough to include a list, from said article, about the top 30 male maturity failings. This is according to women, of course, so you know it's not worth the electrons it took to make the words on the computer.

A few things that I really enjoy are on this idiotic list. Coming in at Number 3, Playing video games.

Cupcake doesn't like a man to have ANYTHING he enjoys that doesn't equal devoting ALL of his time, energy, and money to her. So of course women HATE video games and porn.

Reading the topic about this sub-moronic article reminded me I've been meaning to buy a couple more games. I decided not to get Twisted Metal, and instead go with Hitman: Absolution. Also bought Rocksmith, because I want to learn how to play the guitar. Maybe I'll discover that I do actually have some musical talent or ability buried deep within me.

I enjoy video games. A lot. Good ones, anyway. I don't play Children's Online Daycare. My friends do, and they've tried to get me to buy an Xbox and COD so that we can play together. Meh, no thanks. I'll stick with Battlefield.

The river is finally starting to go down a little bit. It's not quite as high, fast, and choked with logs and branches as it was last week. So maybe I'll be able to go fishing again pretty soon.

I'm also getting a stereo put in my car this week. The factory deck has served its purpose but it's time for it to go. At some point I'll get the damage that Psycho Hellbitch inflicted to the car repaired so the trunk doesn't leak, and replace the sub that she stole.

I may also buy another .45 pretty soon. I saw a Kimber 1911 that I really liked in a sporting goods store. I'll get at least somewhat caught up on a few more bills and then snag a nice new 1911.

I guess I'm one of those "Peter Pan Men", I need to "Grow up", since I spend my paychecks paying bills and buying the things that I want, rather than wifing up some used-up party girl whore with 3 wombturds and letting her have the entirety of my time and money.

I'm happy to not be 'grown up'. Life is good, and I'm happy.

I hope you all are too. Spend as much time as possible on the things you enjoy. Have a great day.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nacho speaks!

Nacho Vidal, of MGTOW Forums fame, now has a YouTube channel.

Props, Nacho. Maybe someday I'll join you. Maybe.

Anyway, here are the videos up thus far:

An Audience with Nacho Vidal, Admin of MGTOW Forums, Part 1
An Audience with Nacho Vidal, Admin of MGTOW Forums, Part 2

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WoolyBumbleBee Gets Canned.....GOOD!

A big thank you to CA at This is Why MGTOW for his helpful timeline. Saved me something like 6 minutes of my life!

Let me preface this by saying, I don't go to AVfM. My exposure to it is from conversations on MGTOW Forums. I most likely will never go to AVfM; if I do it will be to read something that was linked somewhere else and whoever posted the link was too lazy to post the entire thing. AVfM not only let's women join, they let them take positions like editor and such. Uh, no. Women have NO place in any kind of men's movement. None. At all. The vast majority of those currently 'involved' only do so because their son or grandson got fucked over, or because they are second wives and any money going into vagimony is money that THEY are not managing to loot from their sucker husband. The ATM doesn't spit out as much cash when someone else is getting a cut of all money placed into it.

So some of you are probably aware of the situation with this 'WoolyBumbleBee'. If you're not, just watch her videos on YouTube where she basically tries to shame the fuck outta MGTOW.

Oh, by the way: stop pronouncing it Mig-Tao, scumpouch. Christ on a fucking crutch, do you call the FBI the "FffBeeeEee"? No? Then don't turn this acronym into a word. Just. Fucking. Don't.

Well, apparently she opened her femimarxist mouth one time too many (Yes, I think it's likely she's some kind of plant....listen to the video, she manages to pull just about every femimarxist/female 'card' there is) , and pissed off enough people that Paul told her to take a flying fuck at a rolling hotdog.

Their conversation can be found here. (Yes, it's a link to This Is Why....read some more of his stuff while you're there, OK?)

Good on ya, Paul. We may not do not agree about a few very key things, but I give credit where due, and you earned it. You let the call go on FAR too long, but then, if you hadn't I also wouldn't have gotten all the lulz that I got from listening to her end of it.

Here's to the sacking of Wooly:

I'll raise a few of these this weekend to celebrate:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mutual Assured Destruction, Femimarxists, Guerrilla Warfare, and MGTOW

I've mentioned before that I'm interested in history, especially military history. There are a lot of great lessons to be learned.

I'm not really sure why the idea for this topic popped into my head. Must've been something I read on a forum.

Anyway....by now you're probably wondering what Mutual Assured Destruction and guerrilla warfare have to do with femimarxists, MGTOW, Gender War, etc. I'm going to let my mind just kind of wander and sort itself out as I'm writing this. The idea is there, it's just not completely solidified yet. But I don't want to take the chance of losing it, so here goes, and I'll (hopefully) fix any problems, inconsistencies, etc., as I'm writing.

Now then, Mutual Assured Destruction:

From Wikipedia:

Mutual assured destruction, or mutually assured destruction (MAD), is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of high-yield weapons of mass destruction by two opposing sides would effectively result in the complete, utter and irrevocable annihilation of both the attacker and the defender,[1] becoming thus a war that has no victory nor any armistice but only effective reciprocal destruction. It is based on the theory of deterrence according to which the deployment, and implicit menace of use, of strong weapons is essential to threaten the enemy in order to prevent the use of the same weapons by the enemy against oneself. The strategy is effectively a form of Nash equilibrium in which neither side, once armed, has any rational incentive either to initiate a conflict or to disarm (presuming neither side considers self-destruction an acceptable outcome).


As to how this relates to the Gender War, here's how I see it.

The enemy is femimarxists. Their footsoldiers are women and white knight faggots. They control most of the means of communication/media, as well as the courts and legislatures. These are their weapons. And they're  using their forces (soldiers + weapons) against us, obviously. I mean that's what you DO in a war. They have thus far limited themselves to the use of tactical nuclear weapons, such as: domestic violence laws that only punish men even though women are the aggressor in about 50% of domestic disputes; 'no-fault' divorce laws that should read "It's ALWAYS the man's fault" which punish men for being stupid enough to get married in the first place; and the definitions of sexual harassment and rape being basically changed to 'if a woman say you harassed/raped her, then that is enough, you're fukt'.

I really hate the thought of what their theater or strategic weapons are.

What they don't realize is, our weapons may not be quite as in-your-face, nor as violent, nor as traumatizing to the victim, but they're just as real, and arguably MUCH more powerful.

Let's use MGTOW as an example. When a man decides to GHOW, what is the end result? Assuming that men are approximately 49% of the population of the US, for every MGHOW there is one woman who won't get the marriage she claims she wants. If she's somehow not the typical female, and manages to not get knocked up by some thug who dumps her on her ass and leaves her to raise the wombfilth on her own, this means she doesn't get to have a family. So her future consists of sitting in her apartment or house, surrounded by hundreds of pairs of shoes and probably a dozen cats, drowning in debt, eating ice cream, and watching Lifetime and hating men more by the minute.

Whereas the man in this equation lives a MUCH better life than he ever would have had he wifed her up. He'll actually have money instead of being flat-ass broke and under a mountain of debt. He'll have time for his hobbies, rather than having to devote all of his time to some screeching harpy. He can travel when and if he wants, work the job that he wants rather than the one that will ensure that Cupcake has a credit card with a high enough limit, and, if he so chooses, have relationships (esp. the short term kind, preferably of the one-night variety) with as many women as he chooses to associate with. Young, ATTRACTIVE women, rather than post-Wall hags.

Yes, women have done their utmost to punish him for being male. They hate him because they can't BE him, and so they attempt to destroy him. They may not succeed at destroying him personally, but assuming he hasn't had any kids before unplugging from the Matrix, they've destroyed his genetic line. After he's gone, that's it.

He destroyed her dreams, destroyed her chance at happiness, and if we're lucky, destroyed HER genetic line also.

Both sides are destroyed. Mutual assured destruction.

The difference is the road to the destination. His will be a LOT happier than hers.

We won't even get into the cost to society. I may save that for another day. If not, I'm sure there are plenty of places online where you can get into discussions about that very thing.

When fighting a larger, better trained, and better equipped force, one tactic that the smaller force uses is guerrilla warfare. There are stages to guerrilla warfare, and I'm working from memory on a military text I read on the subject so bear with me here. I don't have the book at hand right now, and even though I'm almost certain it made the move with me, it's in storage with the rest of my stuff on the other side of the state.

The first stage is basically organization/recruiting, and propaganda. The next is when the guerrillas have enough strength to actually carry out military operations, albeit on a small and sometimes limited basis. This is where you start to see sniping, ambushes, bombings, that kind of thing. After that, the guerrillas make life fucking miserable for the larger force, basically by stepping up the previous stage. At some point, guerrilla conflicts eventually evolve into conventional conflicts.

It's not necessary for EVERY stage to be hit, and it's entirely possible to go from stage four back to stage 2 (a terrible defeat in a conventional battle could bring this about, for instance).

One of the things that really stuck with me when learning about guerrilla warfare was in a military manual on the subject. I have to paraphrase here, because, again, I don't have the book with me.

So long as the guerrillas remain committed to fighting, it is next to impossible to defeat them as a movement. If handed a significant defeat, the guerrillas will just fall back, lick their wounds, re-arm, and recruit. The only truly effective way to counter a guerrilla campaign is to get the guerrillas to agree to stop fighting. To do this, the government must address the grievances that made them take up arms in the first place.

I don't know about you, but that part about not being able to defeat them really buried itself in my mind. The only way to end the fighting is to fix whatever has them willing to kill and/or die for.

The reason for this is simple: so long as ONE guerrilla remains alive and willing to fight, the war will go on. That one will recruit and train more. One determined individual becomes ten thousand armed combatants.

And govt. actions serve only to create more guerrillas. We don't need to look any further than our (the US and NATO) involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq to see that. A drone launches a missile at what the operator THINKS is a terrorist camp. A wedding reception gets blown up. The survivors, who may have been neutral before, now hate the side who sent the drone. We saw this in Vietnam, where VC were created by the actions of American forces and their South Vietnamese allies. When your only wealth is a water buffalo, and an air strike kills the water buffalo and destroys your rice paddy, the chances of you looking favorably upon the people that sent the plane are slim to none.

Government actions create guerrillas. By attempting to crack down on the guerrillas, the government becomes the best recruiter for them.

In my opinion, the Gender War is mostly at stage two to three, with some aspects of stage four. The MRAs are the closest thing we have to a conventional force, though they are still hopelessly outgunned by the forces of the femimarxists. PUAs are like the guerrillas doing ambushes, and MGTOW are like the guys destroying bridges, communication towers, and other infrastructure.

Every time the femimarxist forces achieve a victory (a man gets raped by a divorce, another anti-male law is passed), more guerrillas are created. They see our forces swelling, so they step up the pressure with more laws, more propaganda. But they only succeed in creating even MORE of us.

They can't beat us. So long as ONE man would rather GHOW, we won't be stopped. That one will open the eyes of another, maybe more. Those he unplugs from the Matrix will in turn liberate the minds of others. Until we're right back where we're at.

The place that my analogy falls apart is victory. If the guerrillas eventually win (and they almost always do), they typically either reconcile with the old regime or eradicate them. Either way, the people of the country in question get back to living their lives, and the country rebuilds.

In this war, for many there will be no reconciliation. Even if every law and policy that destroys men in favor of women were repealed tomorrow, even if female nature could be changed to eliminate vine-swinging, hypergamy, Briffault's Law, etc., there are great many men who would never go back to the plantation. They've seen marriage and relationshits for what they are, and want no part of it. They will continue their MGTOW Guerrilla campaign until the day they die.

More and more I find myself in this camp. No matter how the laws are changed, no matter how society's views and attitudes change, I don't want to ever get married again. That was, without a doubt, the worst mistake I ever made. Even if women were to do a total change, I'd still be basically enslaving myself to another person. No thank you.

Whether us holdouts are enough to make the whole idea useless is debatable. Personally I think it's mental masturbation, because unless someone can find a way to completely re-wire the female brain, the problems that have gotten us to this point will NEVER go away. Hypergamy will always exist. Women will always get 'bored' with their husbands and bang the biker gang down the way. They will never be satisfied with anything, and will continue to make the men around them miserable because THEY are miserable creatures.

And so The War will go on. If ever we get to the point that the femimarxists have been overthrown, they'll just do another thing common to guerrilla warfare: become the new guerrillas and continue the fight.

And we'll start the whole mess all over again.

Hopefully I managed to keep those writings at least somewhat on-track. One of these days I'm going to have to actually do that whole 'rough draft' thing. The problem is, I've never done that unless forced to, by a teacher for example. I like to just let writing flow, and if I need to edit it I do so while writing.

My Bad

To anyone who's comments were deleted:

I won't attempt to accept comments on my phone anymore. Fucking phone....POS. I deleted on accident instead of accepting.

I truly dislike this phone. My old one was SO much better (but I don't have a contract now, so....meh).

This will be the last Samsung product I buy. Partly because I dislike it, and mostly because of their recent ad making men out to be some kind of stupidfuck cavemen who need a woman to help them through life.

If you commented on something recently, feel free to do so again. This time I won't use my phone.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

No More Hate Among Red Pill Men

Just like everyone else on teh Interwebz, I have my favorite sites, but I also sometimes check out new things, depending on how much time I have on my hands.

Lately I've been browsing other Red Pill sites. And I have to say, I'm somewhat saddened by what I've read.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see that there are more and more men waking up every day. This is a good thing. The only way we have any hope of seeing the current system replaced is by opening the eyes of our Coppertop brothers.

No, what is disappointing is the amount of, well, HATE it seems like the various camps have for each other. This is, in my humble or not-so-humble opinion, stupid and destructive.

I've seen PUAs (PickUp Artists, for those that don't know) called pussybeggars who make things worse. MRAs (Men's Rights Activists) accused of being traitors. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) called cowards or useless.

Guys, we can't, we abso-fucking-lutely CAN NOT allow this sort of thing to continue.

I've no doubt I've been guilty of it myself. Esp. when it comes to PUAs. The majority of them ARE pussybeggars, simply by virtue of the fact that they sacrifice and/or change damn near everything about themselves, put up a false front, and jump through a twats flaming hoops just to get a sniff of her gash. On the other end of the PUA spectrum are those that don't do that shit, they know how to game these sluts and use female psychology as a weapon. To these non-beggars I say good on ya, and I hope you see that I differentiate between the two.

As for MRAs, I think they're wasting their time. They try to use femimarxist tactics against the femimarxists, they try to REASON with the femimarxists (THAT isn't going to work), they want to reconcile with femimarxists and the State. They are basically, to my way of thinking, slaves asking for slightly lighter, prettier chains. I have no desire to reconcile shit, nor do I want chains of ANY kind. I don't care if the fuckers are made of donut dough and covered in chocolate, I don't want them on my neck.

Those are just my opinions, however, and I don't hate on either group (except the pussybeggars. Fuck those clowns). And that being said, I have good things to say about these groups also.

Every PUA is helping his partners reach The Wall that much sooner, and helping her develop a Thousand Cock Stare. Being pumped and dumped repeatedly can't be good for a slut's psyche or attitude, and messing with both of these decreases her chance of finding a husband sucker wallet to latch onto like the parasite she (most likely) is. I want all the non-pussybeggar PUAs to fuck as many sluts as possible. Use their psychology against them, get them to fall for you, then fucking CRUSH them.

MRAs give the enemy a visible target, something to focus waste their time and energy on. They get so caught up on fighting the MRAs, so over-the-top angry, so target-fixated that they develop tunnel vision (in a way) and the rest of us escape notice. I'm not a ghost, but a lot of the guys I talk to on forums are ghosting, and anything that draws femimarxist attention away from them can't be a bad thing, in my opinion.

MGTOW. Men Going Their Own Way. The name kind of says it all. I've seen at least one dumb slut say that "So-and-so is an MGTOW leader...how can you be Going Your Own Way if you have a leader?" If I recall correctly, she also had a few other moronic things to say.

Let's get something straight right now: MGTOW is not an organization like the MRM has. There are no 'leaders'. There are guys that have things they want to say, and have demonstrated intelligence in the past, so other guys listen to them. There are no organizations, no membership cards or lists, nothing.

We each live our life according to our own desires. We do things that benefit US, not some ungrateful whore like we were conditioned to do. We reject the life script that has been laid out for us by someone else. Like so many other things we've all had rammed down our throats all our lives, that life script is a big fat fucking LIE, and MGTOW want nothing to do with it.

Yeah, we (usually) don't get involved in your movement, MRAs, but we don't stand in the way, either. You do your thing, we'll do ours. I can't speak for every MGTOW (NO ONE can), but even though I think you're delusional, I offer you moral support if nothing else. When/if you ever decide your cause is useless and you get tired of fighting, I'll welcome you as an MGTOW, and if you're close enough or come by my way sometime, I"ll buy you a beer.

A lot of MGTOWs have no interest in dating, so you PUAs should be happy: those MGTOW who choose to ghost or otherwise have no interaction with women are removing themselves from the dating/fuckery pool, thus you have less competition. I'm not one of those ghosts, however. I just don't have the time or inclination to put up with the bullshit right now, and I'm in an unfamiliar place where I know no one, so I haven't felt like going out.

No matter if you agree with what I'm saying or not, you can, if you give it a second's worth of your biological processing unit's time and power, agree that we have the same enemies, and if we spend time and energy fighting each other, we inflict no pain on them. It's like Yugoslavian partisans of WWII fighting each other in addition to the Nazis.

Our enemies, as I see them, are femimarxists (and EVERY woman is a femimarxist, if she'll just be honest with herself and the world), manginas, and, most especially, white knights.

Oh gods how I fucking hate white knights. Traitorous fucks. These fucking faggots are the worst scum of the lot. And they come in all shapes, sizes, professions, etc. From the douchebag frat boy who wants to fight a guy who ARGUES, not beats just ARGUES, with a twat, to the politico who passes laws that benefit only twats, to the scumbag judge who awards vagimony and child custody to twats just on general principle, to the cops who fucking KNOW the truth about domestic violence but continue to "just do my job" and "I only enforce the law, I don't write it" rather than standing up and calling bullshit, white knights are fucking EVERYWHERE and they're fucking other men over.

MGTOW, PUA, MRA....if we're not going to work together, then we at least need to not be enemies. We have more than enough enemies already, and if we sabotage each other then we are guaranteed to never see any kind of positive change. Positive, of course, being entirely dependent on your own point of view.

If you're an MRA and someone you know, or talk to online, or whatever, asks about PUA or MGTOW, DO NOT talk shit on them. Encourage them to explore these other options. That's what MEN do, explore, question, etc.

If you're PUA and someone seems to be bordering on MGTOW, don't call him a 'beta' and say that MGTOW are just losers who can't get laid. A lot of us get laid, and the others are voluntarily celibate. A man's worth is NOT dependent upon how many sluts he has bedded. Also, stop with this Greek bullshit. I may write another post about that sometime, but for now, I'll leave it at this:

We are MEN. We are human beings, not Greek letters. We are individuals, not ants. We are not pigeons, don't try to put us in a hole. Everyone is different, and everyone has potential to be more than what they currently are.

As for MGTOW, most of us are pretty laissez faire about how other men choose to live their lives. Yes, there are some that advocate "GHOST! GHOST! GHOST! GHOST!" to the exclusion of anything else. I believe they understand that for some of us, ghosting will quite likely NEVER be an option, for whatever reason. I think the most important thing we, MGTOW, can do in this matter is to stop with the shit-talking about MRAs and non-pussybeggar PUAs (the pussybeggars are not Men, just simps, however, so fuck them, say what you will).

Each of us has a part to play, I guess you could put it. It's up to the individual to determine which road is the correct one for him. There is no One Right Answer in this. Seek. Discover. That's what men do.

Regardless of which way you go, I wish you the best with whatever you choose, and sincerely hope that you one day find the path that's right for you.