Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bar Crawling with my Brothers

Went to the bar last night with a couple of my brothers. This was my first time out since taking the red pill. Quite different from my blue pill days.

I drank Guinness, played pool, and just hung out. Paid very little attention to the females in the place. What I DID do was laugh at all the douchebags who were buying them drinks and hanging all over them thinking they were going to end up in bed with one of these skanks. The little mangina fuckwads are funny to watch. Disgusting, because let's face it, they dress and act like complete douchebags, but still funny.

One of my friends was trying to hook up with a fat girl because it's been a while since he got any and she'd already expressed an interest in having 'physical relations' with him. Whatever, it's his life. Her aunt was trying to get my attention. Ick. Double ick. Too old, too fat, too ugly. Yeah, it's been a while but I'm not THAT desperate, thank you very much. She tried talking to me, asking me if I was mad at her since I wasn't talking to her (WTF? I'm hanging with my bros, drinking good beer, playing pool, and watching people on TV shoot things....why in the FUCK would I be paying attention to ANY bar skank, least of all a fat, ugly, old one?), blah blah blah. I think she got the message after the fourth time I gave a one-word answer without looking away from either my beer or the people shooting things.

This outing was actually pretty enjoyable, for me anyway. My friend didn't end up getting his fat girl (she flaked and disappeared a couple minutes before closing time), but that's not really my problem. This was supposed to be a Hanging Out with the Guys weekend; forget the damn fat girls already! I got pretty buzzed up but not seriously wasted. No throwing up, no hangover, etc. I didn't get to skunk this halfway attractive blonde like I wanted to (she was probably about a 7), but truth be told I lost most of the interest I had in that the second I saw her climb in a truck with a couple other people and start smoking weed. I'm not a druggie, I'm not into weed, and part of why my marriage went to shit was because of drugs (the ex started using when she was hanging out with her worthless friends), so this was a bit of a turn-off for me.

The plan is to go out tonight too. Probably go over to one of the bigger, college cities. If we do that I'll most likely have to drive but oh well. Maybe he'll have better luck finding a bar skank there. And she'll be a lot better looking bar skank, too.

As for me...who knows? I wouldn't turn away an attractive bar skank, but neither am I going to put in a lot of effort to bed one. No buying drinks, no kissing ass, none of it. Those days are behind me.

My theory? philosophy? Whatever you want to call it.....reminds me of a line from the movie The Boondock Saints:

Murphy: Kind of liberating, isn't it?
Rocco: You know, it is a bit.

More than a bit, Rocco. More than a bit.