Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Online ramblings of a moron: "Why Do Men 'Hate' Females?"

Let me begin by saying, I don't do Reddit. Or Twitter. Or any of the sites similar to them. Hell, it was the last few months of 2011 before I joined Facebook, and then only because a) friends that I rarely got to see were on there and it was a good way to stay in touch, and b) a girl I wanted to bang was on there (I met her at a friend's place). So I don't go searching thru Reddit looking for things to write about, or even read.

One of the guys on the main forum I visit posted an article from Reddit, written by a woman (OF COURSE!), entitled"Why Do Men 'Hate' Females?". I'm not going to re-post it here; it's really a load of hogwash, and I don't feel like insulting my readers' intelligence with it, nor adding a lump of text that could best be covered with "tl;dr, here's the summary". Nor will I post an active link. You'll have to put the t's in http yourself. I would prefer there not being anything leading'readers'....there to this page.


First off, she's made a couple of mistakes right from the get-go. "Attracting alphas"....she just admitted what those of us no longer in the Matrix, as well as PUAs, already know: unless you're a bad-boy thug, you can forget women until they're looking for a fat wallet to attach themselves to. Also, she assumes that we (men) hate women.

Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I can say honestly and without a doubt that I do not hate women. I have been accused of it, but those accusations have come from men so deeply embedded in the Matrix that they'll likely never get out. The opinions of Coppertops don't matter to me. I would imagine many women would make the same accusation, but again, their opinions don't matter to me either.

If I believed in NAWALT, I would like to have an attractive, intelligent NAWALT in my life. But I've reached the point where my belief in NAWALT is almost zero, and decreasing by the day. It's only a matter of time until any woman that seems NAWALT turns AWALT.

Hate? No. Apathy? Yes. Disgust? Disappointment? Resignation? Yes, yes, and yes. Just because I understand the nature and psychology of women, and recognize the dangers they pose to a man, doesn't mean I hate them. To me, that's like hating a dog for chasing rabbits. It's just how/what they are, you can't hate them for it.

After her initial mistakes, the author goes on to list a bunch of things that sound good, but in reality all she's doing is encouraging women to be even more manipulative and deceitful. I will give her props for several things, though: this one realizes that the problem is with WOMEN, not men (unlike the authors of all the "Where Have All the Good Men Gone?" articles), and she knows what lies at the very root of the problem. Unfortunately, she misses the mark by a pretty wide margin. Not only with the bit about "Lie your ass off by pretending to be what he wants", but also attributing false causes to male behavior. Men don't talk about the kind of things you'll read in the Manosphere in real life because talking about anything that doesn't conform to societal norms (Be a good little slave, man up and marry that used-up party girl slut, let her take you to the cleaners in the divorce, spend the rest of your life in slavery due to vagimony and child support, etc.) is a good way to, at the very least, lose your job.

I am fair, however, so I will give her points for at least recognizing some of the problems that are causing men to just say Fuck It to marriage and relationshits. But her solution is pure, unadulterated evil. Yes, we want a woman that actually gives a damn about us as something other than a walking ATM, emotional tampon, and sperm bank. But we want one that's genuine. Faking it is, in my opinion (and I'm sure plenty of other guys will agree with me), even worse than being everything that's bad/undesirable about modern women. "Better an honest enemy than a traitorous friend" and all that.

Another good reason to never cohabitate with a woman

Today I received links to a couple of stories that I'm going to share with you all. In case anyone reading this isn't entirely convinced that it's a bad idea to cohabitate (live with) a woman, even if you're not married, maybe this will help you out.

The first link

The second link

Yes, the second one is 5 years old. I had never seen it before. Heck, it was only recently that I'd even HEARD OF anything like this before.

If you're one of those guys who won't click on links, or you're reading this on a phone that is a pain to open multiple windows with, I'll sum it up.

You don't have to knock up a woman, or even marry her, for her to be able to get the court to loot you. Just living with one is enough. Vagimony for an ex-girlfriend who simply tells a sympathetic judge that you had a verbal agreement to support her even if the two of you broke up.


I'd heard about this kind of thing in Canada (where the .gov considers people who live together for 2 years or longer to be married) and Australia (where ex-mistresses and ex-girlfriends can take half of your stuff and half of your retirement), but this is the first I've heard of it in the US.

I would say "I have no words", but the fact is I do. I have a lot. How many of them are fit to print, OTOH, is a different story altogether.

I wish I could say that I'm surprised by this, but the fact is, I'm not.

Anyone still have doubts as to whether the system and women collaborate to loot men of anything and everything?