Sunday, May 19, 2013

*IF* I did hate women, this would be part of why

Any guy that doesn't pedestalize the pussy and spend every moment of their life trying to either bed the next woman or please the one they have is accused of hating women. I've been accused of it. I don't HATE them, I just realize the danger they pose and refuse to allow myself to be fucked over by one again. And let's face it, hate is a strong emotion and requires energy. It gives wymmin attention, which is a form of validation. They want ANY form of attention from men, even hate. The hamster works in strange ways, my friends.

But I found a good reason the other day to hate them, if I were inclined to do so.

I don't truly have a home right now. I have a place where most of my stuff is, and places that I crash on my days off, and where I stay when I'm working. The first two are on the other side of the state from the latter, and Montana is a big state.

After work on Friday I was on my way to my friend's place to crash there for the weekend, and stopped in Billings to pick up a few things and grab some food. I phoned in an order to Old Chicago Pizza (excellent pizza, btw), then went to pick it up after I finished getting a few things at the store I was in. As is typical, the pizza wasn't done yet, so I had a seat on the bench and waited, surfing MGTOW Forum and Fakebook while I waited.

A few minutes into my wait, a man and his son left. The kid was a little ahead, running along and saying hi and waving to everyone. Your typical friendly little kid. He smiled and said hi, and without thinking about the fact that I was talking to a child who was probably under 3 years old, I replied in my usual manner.

Me: Hey, how ya doin?

Kid: I'm good.

It was at this point that a little bit of the ice fell away from my cold, black heart. And at the same time, I died inside a little more.

I would very much like to have a son. Several, actually. I think I'd be a great father. I'd love to teach my boys how to hunt, fish, and shoot, go swimming, boating, floating, skiing, etc. with them, climb trees or rocks, help them learn trigonometry and physics, maybe play some hockey, all the good stuff dads get to do with their sons, or watch their sons do (school plays and the like).

But that will never happen. And it is 100% because of women.

Unplugging from the Matrix doesn't necessarily mean that one hates females. It just means you recognize the dangers they pose, and no longer consider cupcake to be some kind of perfect, special little snowflake. You know better.

I won't have any kids because I know the risks involved in having any kind of relationshit with women. I know that the chances are overwhelming that she'll bang some thug the minute she's out of sight. I know she's likely to get knocked up by said thug and try to make me think the kid is mine. I know that even if she doesn't cheat (and 90% of married women DO), she can pull the eject lever at any time and strip me of everything that matters. AND she'd be able to use the full weight and power of Big Daddy Government to do it, too. I could lose my home, my retirement (AGAIN!), all my possessions (AGAIN!), and be forced to pay her every month. And worst of all, she could keep me from seeing the sons that are the only reason I'd want to get involved with her in the first place, again with the full support of Big Daddy Government.

Women have made it so that only the stupid and naive will get involved with them for longer than it takes to Pump & Dump. And I am neither naive or stupid. So my genetic line dies with me.

And THAT, my friends, is as good of a reason to hate women as any.

And I still don't hate them.

More Wisdom from Vic

As you've probably noticed by now, I re-post the writings of members of the forums I go to sometimes. This is one of those times. Vic made an excellent post here, and I think it deserves to be read by those who read this page but not the forum it originated at. It's short but well worth your time.

I woke up in the middle of the night with this list in my head.

As God is my witness I could still hear a voice repeating this when I awoke. I need more sleep!

1. Do you know why women are involved in over 60% of child abuse cases? Because they’re nurturing.

2. Do you know why women are as likely to initiate domestic violence as men? Because they’re not violent.

3. Do you know why women initiate 70% of divorces? Because they’re not afraid of commitment.

4. Do you know why women steal men’s assets and kidnap their children? Because they’re moral.

5. Do you know why women put men in jail for the inability to pay child support when they lose their job? Because they’re compassionate and caring.

6. Do you know why women openly laugh when a man is tortured to death by having his penis amputated with a butcher’s knife? Because they’re naturally empathetic and have a good sense of humor.

7. Do you know why women steal their legless husband’s rehabilitation money when they come back from fighting a war? Because they’re kind and value relationships.

8. Do you know why women demand their husbands work themselves into an early grave so they can have a new car and kitchen remodel? Because they love God and value family.

9. Do you know why women demand special treatment and compensation from the companies they work for, the men they meet and the government they vote for? Because they’re independent and don’t need men.

10. Do you know why women sleep with entire football teams? Because they value monogamy.

You know why men shouldn’t marry?

Because signing a contract that can be unilaterally dissolved by a disgruntled partner, for any reason, so they can steal his house, his money, his children and his liberty, is not only irresponsible, it’s taking the liberty that God gave him and wiping his ass with it.

To sign a contract that abandons your liberty to a violent government is not just unconscionable; it’s an act of suicide and an act of disrespect to the people who care about you.

To execute a contract that no attorney would have you sign, even if the consequences you were dealing with what amounted to losing the trash in your garage is, to say the least, spitting on the gift of your God given liberty because of the irrational belief that YOU are a special cupcake that can avoid the live grenade.

To live in defiance of the undeniable is to die under the weight of undeniable consequences.

Where are all the good men?

They’ve already witnessed a lifetime of points 1 through 10.

Burn it.