Thursday, June 26, 2014

You are NOT "Amazing"

Like (I hope..) most people that surf the web, I read a lot of different things. If you visit any kind of forum, you'll be exposed to things that you probably would never read otherwise, if for no other reason than you wouldn't think to look for whatever the subject is, or you wouldn't ever go to certain websites. 

One thing I've noticed, women really love the word "amazing". They always refer to themselves as amazing, or their friend is 'the most AMAZING person I know'.

Words mean things, which obviously these women forget. You'd think they'd remember that, since they use twenty thousand words a day, but hey, sometimes these things get overlooked. Or something.

Here's some copy pasta from Merriam-Webster's online dictionary:

: causing great surprise or wonder : causing amazement


: a feeling of being very surprised or amazed

Now, EVERY woman is 'amazing', to herself and/or her friends.

Every. One. Of. Them.

Every one of them causes "great surprise or wonder" to the rest of them? How is this possible?

They're ALL 'amazing'?

Let's get a few things straight, shall we?

Caring for your thugspawn isn't 'amazing'; it's what you DO when you're a parent (yes, I use that term loosely for those getting impregnated by thugs).

Working to support yourself isn't 'amazing'. It shouldn't 'cause great surprise or wonder'. It's what you DO when you're an adult and independent of your parents.

Going to college isn't 'amazing'. Damn near anyone can go to college. Especially if they go for some kind of soft-headed bulldrek like sociology or "gender studies". Any MORON can get a loan to go to college and, as long as they can keep their brain from thinking too much and instead just mindlessly repeat whatever the professor says, get a degree in gender studies.

Working AND caring for your thugspawn isn't amazing either. It what you SHOULD DO, rather than just getting on welfare and collecting a check from those of us that work for a living.

And guess what? Working AND caring for your thugspawn AND going to college isn't amazing, even if it's for something useful. Nursing, say. It's just what someone who wants to improve their life does.

Guys don't go on about how 'amazing' they or their friends are for simply doing things that they either SHOULD do or that will, in theory, improve their lives. I don't think I was 'amazing' for going to college full time (for engineering, btw), working full time, working another part time job, AND doing all the shit that being married to a woman with three wombfilth has to do. Weld for 8 hours, sit thru Physics and Strength of Materials, maybe pick the wombfilth up from school, then grab a couple hours of sleep, get a quick bite to eat and then back to welding, and spend the weekends working another job, squeezing homework in whenever possible....not amazing. Just doing what needed to be done at that point in my life.

I have a friend that would ride a bus two hours to his work site, put in a 12 hour day, ride the bus 2 hours home, and THEN cook dinner, clean the house, help the kids with their homework or whatever, get them to bed, and work on his own classes and such for work, all because his wife is a fat lazy bitch who won't lift a finger around the house. (She's also cheated on him numerous times but he'll never listen to anyone about that.)

He's not amazing. He's bloody stupid.

You want 'amazing', I will give you amazing.

Google "Lindsey Stirling". Go to YouTube and check out her videos. Read about her a bit. Listen to her music. Understand and appreciate that not only is she a classically trained violinist, she also dances (quite well, IMO) AND she makes her own costumes in her videos. Did I mention she composes her own music?  She may not have created her genre but Led Zeppelin didn't create rock, nor did Black Sabbath create metal.

She's fucking HOT, too. Not in some fake-ass supermodel sort of way, either. There's just something about her. You watch her videos, see her in things on YouTube (interviews and whatnot), you can tell she's a happy person. Legitimately happy, not wearing a fake smile because some joker stuck a camera in her face. Pleasant to look at in a "This woman could ACTUALLY exist and actually look like that" sort of way.

When those no-talent hacks Piers Dickless Nutless Spineless Nancyboy Morgan and Sharon Total Fucking Cunt Who's Only Known Because of Ozzy Osbourne ripped into her about her performance on America's Got Talent (which I didn't see, because I don't watch it, but learned about when I started listening to Lindsey), she didn't do like most other women would do and just cry, eat ice cream, and give up. She said fuck them and worked harder.

And now?

Two albums that I know of (both of which I've purchased, one for me and one as a gift for a friend who also loves Lindsey's music), YouTube channel, works with other artists, world tour......I'm sure you can find out everything you want to know if you do some reading about her.

Lindsey Stirling is amazing.

Not some bitch who got knocked up by some random Hell's Angel or local gang member, and is now 'raising' a feral little thugspawn piece of shit.

Not some cupcake who has a mediocre job and spends far more than she earns, buying shoes, handbags, lunch every day, cover charge at trendy clubs, etc.

Making stupid choices and living with the consequences doesn't make you amazing, ESPECIALLY if you're denying responsibility for your choices by blaming someone else, or living on welfare, or daddy's money/credit cards.

Words mean things.

Stay single and happy, my friends.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I need a beer...

...or I need to stop drinking entirely and go back to reading a lot more. Maybe download some of those "Free Science Books" and see if I can revive some of the brain cells I've pickled over the years with booze. This "couple beers every few months" shit is for the birds.

Where did that phrase ever come from anyway?

Had my first femitroll. *sniff* My first.....such a fond memory. Not. I will say that I agree with it on one thing though: MRAs ARE fuckin clowns. Rat bastard scabs. Stop scabbing you fucking scabs! Why in the hell would you want to 'fix' the problems between men and women? You're seeing them without the mask. You finally get to see what horrible creatures they truly are. They are without shame, or morals, honor, or integrity. Truth means nothing to them. The only thing that matters, the only question they ever ask, is "What benefits me the most at this particular instant?"

And you want to reach some kind of deal with them? Piss on that.

 You're basically asking to go BACK on the plantation. You want chains that weigh a little bit less and are maybe plated with silver or gold. Pretty chains.

They're still chains.

I got the chain off my neck, and I don't want it back on. IDGAF HOW light it is, or what it's made out of. I. Don't. Want. It.

Wake up to reality, chum(p)s: the past that you long for, it's not just dead. It never was in the first place. It's ALWAYS been like this, only before, there was at least lip service paid to the guys that were getting slaughtered in the banksters' wars, or getting crushed by heavy equipment, buried in mine cave-ins, or otherwise maimed and killed, and all to 'support their family' or keep them safe or somesuch nonsense and bulldrek.

The past that you wish were still here? Women cheated just as much, and there was no way to know if that kid was yours unless it was a different color. DNA testing didn't exist.

They still would spread for any thug that came along, and it was a lot easier to not get caught since they weren't bragging about their sexploits on Twitter or Fakebook.

Men were work donkeys, cannon fodder, walking wallets, and mobile sperm banks (if you were one of the aforementioned thugs).

Just like today.

Only now, there isn't even lip service paid to pretty much anything we do. Father's Day is for single mothers, pulling double duty....yeah, and they're doing it because they either were bedded by a thug who they couldn't have possibly thought for a second was going to stick around, or they pulled the eject lever for their cash and prizes courtesy of The State and kicked the child's father out of their life.

With, of course, the rare exception of widows. There ARE some exceptions out there.

And people wonder why some of us withdraw from society to whatever extent possible, and don't interact with women unless it's absolutely necessary.

On a lighter note....

Sealed in a stamped and addressed envelope right now is the final payment for one of the debts that I got left with from my marriage and divorce. I'm making progress.

I set a goal for myself this year: $15k above and beyond my normal monthly payments on the various debts I have. I've still got about $11k to go. Really that shouldn't be a problem. It's not like I'm out dropping my entire paycheck in a casino or strip club or something. Hell, usually when payday comes I still have most of my last check in the bank.

Let's assume that on top of meeting this goal that I've set for myself, I also manage to sell a property that I own. By this time next year, I can be debt-free. Or, perhaps, have a credit card with a low maximum and be on my way to repairing my credit.

Divorce is expensive because it's worth it. Because. It. Is. Worth. Every. Bloody. Penny.

So next year, I can get started on buying toys. Depending on when I climb out of the hole, I'll probably start with either a four-wheeler or a jet-ski. The four-wheeler would be more practical, since I can use it in winter (esp if I get a track kit for it), but I have to admit there is a certain appeal to tearing from one side of the lake to the other on a jet-ski.

Guess I've got some time to ponder it. Who knows, maybe I'll just get a new car. I've been thinking about a BMW or Mitsubishi.....

Oh, in case you hadn't noticed, I added another blog to the links on the side. "The Venomous Truth". I've only read a little bit so far, but I like it. Check it out when you've the time.

Stay single my friends!