Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Try doing this if you're enslaved in a relationshit

I recently got back from a little road trip.

On Christmas day, I was texting a buddy of mine in CA. My brother was hanging out with me, and asked if I was talking to my friend from California. I said yes, and my brother said "We should hang out with him". And my friend said there were a couple couches not being used at his place.

So around noon the next day (I do need to sleep sometimes), we threw some stuff in the car and took off. Monday morning, we drove home. It's about a 16 hour drive, assuming you don't stop for gas or food. So let's just round to about 18 hours. At least.

And the reason we were able to just hop in the car and drive a thousand miles to hang out for three days? Neither of us is enslaved to a female. He messes around with them from time to time, but managed to get out of his last relationshit with his skin intact, though he has a new understanding of how psychotically batshit crazy women are. And I, well, aside from my friend from high school that I hung out with for a few hours at her place one day in November, I haven't talked to one that wasn't a waitress or store clerk since July. So there is no gash trying to dominate the time of either of us, and I've managed to save enough of my pay that I can take a few months off and still pay my bills, and everything over that is basically fun money. If I want to take a road trip, for example....

No stress. No drama. Absolute freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Sometimes I ask myself why I ever lived my life the blue pill way. And then I remember the power of propaganda and conditioning. And I shudder to think that I was once among the slaves. Life is infinitely better now. Happier. Actually enjoyable.

I'm not usually a shutterbug, but I do snap a pic from time to time, so I'll end this with one of the few pics I took on my trip.