Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Should Women Have to Register for the Draft?

So, as I'm sure everyone with any access to any kind of media is by now aware, recently the Defense Secretary decided that it would be a good idea to open all jobs in the military to women. I don't think it's even necessary to go into how this will degrade combat readiness, nor that "as long as they meet the standards" actually means "lowered standards for everyone".

Now the big question is, "Should women have to register for Selective Service?"

To me, this is where things get interesting.

Basically, I see it as there being three possible outcomes here:

1) Women are still not required to register for the draft, but will continue to be the sole beneficiaries of this society. I would like to say that I consider this the LEAST likely outcome, but quite frankly, I don't. I have absolutely no faith that the Supreme Klown Kourt will rule correctly on the suits that have already been filed. No, they will continue to make it male-only (the LAST male-only anything in existence). Cupcake will be able to be a tanker or infantryman if she wants to, but she won't be subject to conscription in the event that the banksters need plenty of meat for the grinder of another large and/or unpopular war.

2) Women ARE required to register for the draft. They won't like this one bit, I guar-an-damn-TEE you that. "Wait, you mean there are responsibilities associated with rights and privileges? Waaaahhhhhh, that's not what we wanted!" The beauty of this is, feminasties have no leg to stand on when it comes to bitching. They still WILL bitch, because let's face it, that's all they do, but it will be some of that equality they claim they want.

3) The draft will finally be abolished. I consider this the most desirable, yet least likely, of these three options.

Conscription is wrong. It's slavery, plain and simple. As much as it would give me a warmfuzzy to see a bunch of feminasties drafted and sent to kill and die in some steamy jungle cesspool or wind-swept patch of desert sand somewhere, I am still against conscription. If a nation can't find enough fools volunteers willing to throw their lives away to enrich the banksters running it 'defend' it, then there is very obviously something wrong with that nation. It's sick and corrupt, and should be destroyed. Any nation, society, whatever, that lacks defenders obviously doesn't benefit enough of its people that they say "This is worth the risk to my life and limb".

One of the principles of economics is, "People respond to incentives". Well, disincentivizing something IS a form of incentive. In this case, though, it's incentive to NOT do whatever it is, because if you do whatever the thing in question is, you will be punished. This is why the marriage rate is so low, and just keeps sinking. This is why the birth rate is so low, and just keeps sinking. Having a family has been disincentivized, for men, so they are opting out. Everything that used to be 'normal' has been disincentivized for men, so they are opting out. Why break your back at a job you hate if you don't have other people to support? Work enough to be able to pay your bills, eat, have a car, and have some spending cash for hobbies or drinking or weed or whatever, and enjoy life. Well, we're seeing that.

Now, if men don't have any reason to work 70 hours a week in some office or on the floor of a factory (or in a mine, or slinging code, or whatever), what possible motivation could they have for getting their limbs blown off, ALLEGEDLY defending the very society that hates them? None that I can see.

Would you sign up to fight for a country that has less regard for you than it has for a stray dog? Would you willingly risk your life just to be a 5th class citizen in your own home? I wouldn't. Not again, anyway. I made that mistake once. Had I known then what I know now.....ah, but "Had I Known Then What I Know Now", I wouldn't have gone to college, I wouldn't have gotten married, I wouldn't have gotten together with the chick before the last chick I dated, and I would have gotten laid a FUCK of a lot in high school and all through my 20's. Ah well, water and drowning victims under the bridge, eh wot?

Much as I would like to see the draft abolished, and it's the right thing to do, I can't see the banksters depriving themselves of that last-ditch option for profit and/or to save their own skins in case shit really goes south.

BUT, I've been wrong before (there was that one time, when I got married, for instance). So I think it will be interesting, from I guess an academic point of view, to see how the 9th Circus Kourt rules on the suits that have been brought to it. I don't have a dog in this fight, though, since a) I'm exempt from the draft due to being a veteran, b) I'm old enough to be outside of the draft age, and c) I made up my mind quite some time ago that I absolutely WILL NOT wear the uniform of this cuntry or risk myself for this sickfuck society ever again, no matter the circumstances.

A and B are struck out because we all know that they matter absolutely fuckall to those clowns in the District of Corruption and their owners on Wall Street.

Stay safe, and stay single, my friends.